What is iAccessDirect?

With all the advances in electronic information systems, there is still a lot of inefficiency in the way healthcare information is shared. We are certain that this inefficient system has affected your legal and medical practices.

Introducing, iAccessDirect.

Developed by Dr. Christopher Kaypekian and his team, this HIPPA-compliant system software is designed to revolutionize the management of a medical practice and optimize the communication with other offices in the medical and legal arena.

The system allows for the scheduling of an appointment remotely via a portal system without even picking up the phone. Once scheduled, the system automatically sends out appointment reminders to the patient with interactive directions.

The journey at the office starts when a patient walks in through the doors. The patient uses a tablet to review and verify intake forms and documents which are prefilled for their convenience and for the purpose of efficiency and accuracy. Once electronically signed, the registration forms and documents are automatically and securely attached to their electronic chart.

The patient is accepted into an examination room where an evaluation is conducted by a physician and the staff. Our system allows for the physician to digitally capture the patient’s medical history and the results of the examination with a few taps on a screen which ultimately integrate into a comprehensive report.

It gets better!  Our proprietary software allows us to invite our colleagues to securely access our HIPPA-compliant system from anywhere. This means 24/7 access to completed reports and bills, seconds after they are completed!

Wait. There is more! Real time secured notifications to a designated and verified email informing the patients appointment statuses and readiness of reports and bills.

Your all-in-one solution. Communicate more efficiently and more securely. I-Access Direct.  Your accuracy partner.

Increase productivity and manage your practice all in one place.